Clydebank Customers are paying more than they need in interest in Credit Card

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Shadrach   in Banking & Money

Last updated: 09 January 2020, 10:25 GMT

Credit card customers in Clydebank could be paying more than they need in interest while missing out on potential benefits by not switching provider.      

Research from shows that nearly half of all UK credit card holders have never switched their card.      

When asked why they hadn’t switched credit card provider, nearly one in five said they simply can’t be bothered.      

However, 12 per cent haven’t switched as they’re concerned that they won’t get accepted by another provider. And, considering that more than a third of UK adults have two or more credit cards already, worries about mounting debt and a worsening credit rating may be hindering people from looking for a better deal.     

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John Crossley, director of money, at, said:

The UK has woken up to the money saving benefits of switching energy tariff and insurance, so it’s surprising that more people aren’t doing the same when it comes to their credit card. Reviewing your provider is a healthy way of staying on top of your finances.      

Switching between providers is a relatively quick process but it is worth reviewing the different kind of credit cards available.     

Take the time to use online tools which can help you check your credit score without damaging your credit rating and ensure you are on the best deal for your financial circumstances.