FinecoBank have announced targeting of UK investors

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Last updated: 02 January 2020, 09:53 GMT

FinecoBank has announced that UK investors can access a suite of products offered through Fineco Asset Management (FAM); FAM Megatrends, FAM Evolution and FAM Series. 

FAM Megatrends are based on growing and promising centres of the modern economy - including oncology, smart cities, fintech, drones and climate change. Fund managers select investments focused on these macro topics, choosing the top rated funds in each sector. This allows retail investors to access innovative products with a small upfront investment. The minimum investment is £100.

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FAM Evolution includes a series of fund of funds for customers. The products, which will be available in three different types depending on investor risk tolerance, is a custom-made series of active/passive strategies, ETFs and long/short products selected by the FAM investment team. FAM developed Evolution to meet customer demand for a single and customised asset allocation services.  FAM Series includes a selection of global asset strategies from the main asset management companies.

Fineco deputy general manager Paolo Di Grazia said: "Some of the most promising economic innovation today is happening in very specific, targeted sectors. As many of these companies are multinationals, privately held or niche, they can be hard to access. Megatrends changes this - allowing nearly anyone to invest in these burgeoning sectors."

Fineco Asset Management CEO Fabio Melisso added: "Our role is dedicated to creating investment products that meet investors' changing needs. We are pleased that Fineco British customers will have access to FAM Megatrends, a product in constant evolution to catch the latest market trends."

The FAM investment team is based in Dublin and licenses products to UK FinecoBank customers.