Investing in cryptocurrency: A guide for beginners

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Last updated: 17 January 2020, 02:02 GMT

Crypto-currency is now taking advantage of a growing number of people around Manchester and the rest of the UK. But what is the point? The Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum currencies are digital ways for people to make money and to trade in assets online; however, there has been a lot of negative press coverage of the subject which is not helping the cause of this new form of currency.

What exactly is cryptocurrency and how can you get started investing immediately? Here's a short guide to starting out.

Understanding cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, is digital money which is‘ mined' through specialist programmes and software. It revolves around a technology called blockchain, and many people invest in these assets thanks to a lack of government regulation. It is often a free and easy way to trade and make money without leaving paper or digital trails.

People enjoy investing in cryptocurrencies because that means they can make money through a user-friendly, open exchange. In particular, Bitcoin has seen spikes and declines in value in recent years, making it an attractive investment for people enjoying the marketplace's thrills.

Some people have made a lot of money from the investment in cryptocurrencies but it carries a lot of risks.  As it is a currency that is neither common nor fully regulated, it is always possible that markets will go up and down at any given moment. Some experts suggest that working through the lows is crucial to experience massive potential returns.

Manchester entrepreneurs and businessmen dealing in cryptocurrency in the city. Many see it as the future of open commerce. A lot of investors are therefore keen to get ahead of the pack before such money goes mainstream.

Getting started

To get started with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, set up and instal a digital wallet should be looked into. This is a wireless money keeping system that you can use. Cryptocurrency is non-physical, which means it is necessary to set up a programme which can hold the code you trade and invest in.

You should also look for an exchange carefully. Like the world's big stock exchanges, these online services let you trade, sell, and buy cryptocurrency. There are many competitive sites so it's worth looking for an exchange that suits your needs and your level of experience.

Is cryptocurrency easy to invest in?

Most people are unsure as to how to start investing in and using currencies such as bitcoin.  But it's getting easier and easier for everyday investors to get going, thanks to the rising popularity of digital money. You do not need to have a mind for mathematics or be a ruthless stock expert to make the most of the marketplace.

A perfect way to start crypto-trading is by using bots. Such tools are helping investors make crucial decisions about buying and selling. If markets spike or dip while you're asleep, for example, they can act on your behalf. You may configure a bot to make difficult trading decisions where otherwise you may be struggling to maintain control. Use bots and online guides and systems to help you

Immersing yourself

The best way to invest in cryptocurrencies is to literally dive into the markets. Trade is something that takes time and effort to achieve. Yet experienced users of bitcoin make mistakes over and over again. The idea that you have to push your way through negative experiences is one piece of advice on which most traders agree.

With Bitcoin growing in popularity across the UK, Manchester companies and developers are making sure they're open to all-round crypto-payments. It's great preparation for when digital money in the years to come could go full mainstream.

Furthermore, take a close look at cryptocurrency investment and walk carefully. It is an exciting and rising industry but one that brings many risks.