Major investment in transforming Britain's leading cancer campus

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Last updated: 06 February 2020, 06:38 GMT

The London Borough of Sutton and therefore the Institute of Cancer Research, London, have together secured £8.4 million in funding to organize land for development and put in situ the infrastructure required for the primary wave of economic life-science buildings.

The funding comes from the Strategic Investment Pot, which is run by the town of London on behalf of all London Boroughs to support projects which will help promote future economic process .

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The London Cancer Hub are going to be a worldwide centre for cancer innovation a vibrant community of scientists, doctors and innovative companies, which can deliver major benefits for cancer patients and therefore the UK economy. The project will create around 13,000 jobs around 7,000 in life sciences and supporting activities, and 6,200 within the sites construction.

It will further build the ecosystem of research, treatment, training and enterprise in Sutton.

It will also increase the amount of latest drugs The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) can discover, and lift the probabilities of every new drug being successfully developed for patients.

The Knowledge Centre

The project is jointly led by the ICR and therefore the London Borough of Sutton which has already invested quite £30 million to accumulate 4.8 hectares of land on the location , to accommodate up to 100,000 square metres of latest commercial and life-science facilities.

The new funding award represents a crucial step within the development of the project. it'll be wont to put in situ the infrastructure requirements for initial buildings including a flagship Knowledge Centre, hosting labs, offices, business engagement activities, and collaboration and events space.

The London Cancer Hub is already home to the Sutton sites of the ICR and therefore the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust which together are ranked together of the worlds top four centres for cancer research and treatment.

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The Knowledge Centre will form one among the primary new developments on The London Cancer Hub site, along side the ICRs £75m Centre for antineoplastic Discovery which is currently under construction The Royal Marsdens planned £70m Oak Cancer Centre, and therefore the completed Maggies Cancer Centre and Harris Federation lyceum.

The Knowledge Centre will host labs, offices, collaboration and events space and convey together academic researchers, clinicians, technology transfer specialists and innovative companies in one shared space to make a vibrant melting pot of ideas which will accelerate progress in cancer research and treatment.

Its development, which alone will create around 8,360 square metres of economic space, are going to be a key milestone within the project.

Accelerate our research discoverie

Councillor Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council, said:

We are delighted to secure this funding which can help support our ambitious plans for creating Sutton home to at least one of the worlds leading cancer research and treatment hubs.

The Knowledge Centre will make a crucial contribution to supporting effective collaboration between research, treatment and technology at The London Cancer Hub. Additionally, it'll help to make thousands of latest jobs in our borough.


Professor Paul Workman, Chief Executive of the ICR, said:

We're extremely pleased to receive this important boost to our plans for The London Cancer Hub. The new funding will catalyse development and underpin the creation of a flagship Knowledge Centre which will further enhance our already excellent collaborations with industry partners.

This new investment represents an enormous breakthrough for our plans to make the worlds leading cancer-focused life-science district, and can help to accelerate our research discoveries and their development for patients.