Investing in gold. I will purchase these stocks by 2020 and beyond

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Last updated: 21 January 2020, 10:24 GMT

I guess it is a wise idea to have an introduction to gold. This is because it is a good hedge against the risk of volatility on the financial markets. It may provide a degree of protection when other investments don't do that well.

How much of your portfolio should be in gold? It's a problem for the person very much. No more than 5 per cent fits my colleague Edward Sheldon from Motley Fool. In the meantime, 25 per cent was the level set for his four-asset' permanent portfolio' by US investing writer Harry Browne.

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I should look here at the opportunities for investors to gain exposure to gold. I will also inform you about three policy strategies and seven stocks / financial assets that I would be happy to purchase to introduce.

Pure play

One option for investors is to buy gold bars, ingots, or coins. If I had lived in a highly risky part of the world, I would want some physical gold at hand. I might have to make a quick one day escape after all, and gold might help.

Nonetheless, as I'm not in that position, I'd opt instead to buy the WisdomTree Physical Gold Trust, a FTSE main-market-listed trust. This investment in gold price monitoring is sponsored by physical gold and the management fee is a fair 0.39%. Just like any other FTSE stock it can be held in a tax-efficient ISA or SIPP.

Gold plus dividends

Another thing that does not provide revenue for creditors is blocks, ingots, coins, or the WisdomTree Physical Gold Trust. A number of gold mining companies, on the other hand, pay cash dividends to shareholders for holding their shares.

Gold miners, like other firms, are of course subject to geopolitical, operational and other risks. These can also adversely affect the profits and dividends of a company. By owning a spread of gold-mining stocks, I would aim to reduce the risk.

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I'd purchased Polymetal from the FTSE 100. The funds of that organisation are in Russia and Kazakhstan. I 'd also buy FTSE 250 firms Fresnillo (core assets in Mexico), Centamin (Egypt), and Hochschild (Peru and Argentina).

These four stocks predicted dividend yields of 4.7%, 2.1%, 5.3% and 1.9% in 2020. I see the average yield of 3.5 percent compared to 0 percent of physical gold holding as a good reward for equity risk. Moreover, gold miners have the potential to bring superior capital gains over gold itself. This is because of what is known as' operational gearing.'

Exposure with limited funds

Finally, what if you're a limited-funds new investor? It may not be practical to buy a range of gold mining stocks, due to the cost of dealing. Even a single stock could be out of your reach, if you feel a relatively low exposure to gold is right for you. For example, £500 in WisdomTree Physical Gold might be practical with standard dealing costs. But you’d need another £9,500 to invest in other assets, if your gold exposure target is 5%.

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If I had only limited funds, but wanted some gold exposure, I’d buy Personal Assets Trust and/or Capital Gearing Trust. Both these investment companies have maintained exposure to gold bullion over the years: Personal Assets in the 10% region and Capital Gearing around 1%.

Both firms also hold a variety of assets including equities and bonds. I see them as solid foundations an investor can build on and expand upon as more investment funds become available.