SupaPass secures angel funding of £ 600k

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Last updated: 03 April 2020, 07:45 GMT

SupaPass, an all- website and application development platform, today announced the launch of its latest product which now enables any company to instantly launch its own Netflix style website and applications.

For millions of individuals and companies globally in search of a launch-ready, inexpensive content-driven website and app, SupaPass is an revolutionary white label portal that allows consumers to maintain 100% of revenue and complete control of consumer data by clicking a button.

It is more cost-effective and intuitively developed to make content such as podcasts, video, audio and online services more accessible than custom-built solutions.

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The seed funding is bringing the company's overall earned to $3.5 m. In addition to improving the software infrastructure, this money can be used to improve the sales and marketing functions.

With SupaPass’s technology silently powering everything behind the scenes, clients are ready to keep their own brand front and centre and control how they interact with their customers.

With a content layout almost like Netflix and Prime, SupaPass gives clients the tools they have to possess everything in one place to grow their business online. It services a good range of sectors and verticals including Podcasting, Fitness & Wellbeing, TV & Film, Archives, Membership Organisations, Music, Sport, Charities, Conferences and Consultancies.

SupaPass CEO Juliana Meyer, she said:

Our mission is to enable every business and content creator on the earth to launch the sort of technology that Netflix or Spotify offer. we would like you to be empowered to stay 100% of your money, share your content on the simplest technology, and own the connection together with your customers, so you'll grow your business, without it costing the world .

The SupaPass technology has been built to level the playing field and provides everyone the prospect to use cutting-edge technology without having an enormous budget or infrastructure behind you.

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